Professional help
For the applicant
The application process can seem slow and difficult. We provide an expert information and advice service, supporting your application and enrolment, every step of the way, to gain entry to the University or College of your choice.
International students
wherever you are from
As an international student you could receive financial support (with a government loan) while studying your chosen programme of higher education. With our expert help you can be sure you will get the maximum benefit from your chosen course of study.
All in time
We value your time
We know your time is valuable, and you can be sure that our professional and friendly service will give you the confidence to make the right decision to secure a better future.
With all the advantages

London: the best place to study

  • Begin to live and study in London with government support (loan)
  • Receive £9.000 (per academic year) towards tuition fees and up to £18.000 living expenses
  • We will support you throughout the admission process to gain entry to the University or College of your choice and also assist you in making a loan application
  • Study only 2 days per week. 30% discount provided for STUDENT OYSTER CARD and Council Tax
  • You must possess a valid passport and it would help if you have a basic working level of English (spoken and written). If necessary we can offer an intensive study course to help improve your language skills. Simplified admission process only with us.
  • We guide you through the admission process.
  • The opportunity to study is open to anyone aged between 18 and 60.
  • Options open to you:
    Full time studies in a College take two years; University Bachelor degree (undergraduate study) full time studies usually last 3 years; University Master degree (postgraduate study) 1 year.
  • You can select five optional courses of study (as alternatives) to back up your first choice.
  • Up to 4 intake periods per year. Application to be submitted no later than mid-month for intake periods: May, October and January.
  • In the event of your first choice of University or College being unsuccessful other available options will still be open to you. We can, of course, help you to apply to alternative colleges or universities.
  • Following your application, you may be invited to an interview to discuss the suitability of your chosen course and your academic and educational strengths.
  • In order to study in England, you need to pass IELTS or TOEFL English language test. However, the English language examination may be taken in the University or College. In rare cases a school diploma alone may be enough.
  • Following confirmation of your admission you may then submit a loan request to cover your tuition fees and living expenses (maintenance loan).
  • An undergraduate studies loan can be up to £9.000 per annum (full time), or £6.750 (part time). Repayment options and details are available on request.
  • From 01-Aug- 2016 the loan for Master programme can be up to £10.000. Repayment options are available on request.
  • Repayment of any loans taken out will commence following your graduation and may be spread over a 30-year period. Any amount still outstanding after this period will be written-off.
  • A £50 fee is payable for which you will receive detailed assistance to help you complete the paperwork for your financial requirements (tuition fees and maintenance loan) making the application process easy.
  • Some applicants may qualify for a scholarship. We will help you with all aspects of your application (£50 service fee payable).

Education means a SECURE FUTURE!

With us the

Admission process is very simple…

You email us a scanned copy of all required documents
We complete your application for University/College entrance
You attend the interview stage at University/College
You sit the English language test in University/College
You receive approval of your admission to University/College
Completion of UCAS form following confirmation of your admission (£18 fee payable)

Documents required for admission

(scanned or photocopied)

Personal documents

Copy of your passport or ID card

Certificates of education

Diplomas/Certificates of education (basic, secondary/higher)

N.I. Number

National Insurance Number


Curriculum Vitae (written in English)

Personal statement (Motivational letter)

This must be written in English and be at least 300 words long, describing why you want to study the course or subject you have chosen.


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